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Tips to Pick the Best Colors for Your Braces

How to Pick the Best Colors for Your Braces

Our Kelowna braces patients love personalizing their appliances with colorful elastics. Whether they opt for…
Finger and Thumb Sucking in Babies
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Will Thumb Sucking or Using a Pacifier Ruin My Child’s Teeth?

From well-meaning friends and family to social media, parents are flooded with advice. Thumb sucking…
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Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose During Orthodontic Treatment?

If your teeth feel loose during braces or Invisalign® treatment, there’s no need to panic.…
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Why Do I Need Orthodontic Separators and How Do I Care For Them?

At Straight Smiles, our number one goal is to help our patients achieve a healthy,…
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What Candy Can You Eat With Braces This Halloween?

Happy Halloween from Straight Smiles! We love the spooky season as much as our patients…
What is Crossbite?

What is a Crossbite and Does it Need to be Fixed?

We’ve seen it all at our Kelowna orthodontic practice when it comes to orthodontic concerns.…
Little Kid Girl

4 Ways to Get Kids in the Habit of Wearing Retainers or Aligners

Did your kiddo recently start orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, or did they recently switch…
Candid Photo

What Causes White Spots on the Teeth After Braces?

  Did you recently get your braces taken off and discover that you have white…
Young Attractive Woman Holding braces

Why Isn’t My Invisalign Fitting Correctly?

Invisalign is one of the most popular and effective ways to get a straighter smile.…
Woman Holding braces

How to Care for Your Smile When Wearing Invisalign

One of the best things about straightening your teeth with Invisalign is that you can…
foods you can't eat with braces

Easy Swaps for 5 Foods You Can’t Eat With Braces

Why Swap Foods You Can't Eat With Braces? Are you or your child starting the…
what causes crooked teeth

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Do you have crooked teeth? If so, you’ve probably often wondered why some people have…

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