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3D Printing

Printing Winning Smiles

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At Straight Smiles, we stay on the cutting edge of orthodontics. We use the latest technology to provide our patients with best-in-class orthodontic treatment. 3D printing gives us the tools, resources, and ability to serve you better, ensuring that you love your treatment just as much as you love your results.


All Digital, All Smiles

We pride ourselves on being a 100% digital orthodontic office. We have been using an intraoral scanner for digital impressions for over five years, allowing us to give more personalized care to our patients.

Increased Accuracy, Better Results

3D printing technology provides the most accurate dental models available. This not only helps us determine a more specific treatment plan — it means you’ll achieve better results. Increased accuracy also leads to better fitting retainers, ensuring that your new smile will last a lifetime.

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