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Braces FAQ

Answers to Your Braces Questions

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Find out the answers to the questions we hear most frequently from our Kelowna braces patients. Or, for even more detailed information, book your consultation at Straight Smiles online or by calling us at 250-762-2824.

Q: What happens when I get my braces put on?

A: The procedure doesn’t hurt and usually takes less than an hour. First, Dr. Scramstad will condition the surface of your teeth to get them ready for the special glue we use. Then, he’ll bond the brackets to each individual tooth. He’ll finish by threading your archwire through the brackets and closing the doors to secure it in place.

Q: How long does braces treatment take?

A: Everyone is unique and there’s no one timeframe that works for all of our Okanagan braces patients. However, in general, most people finish treatment in one to two years. We do offer Propel®, which may speed up bone remodeling and help you see results faster. Once Dr. Scramstad examines you at your consultation, he’ll be able to let you know how long your braces treatment will take.

Q: Am I too old for braces treatment?

A: No! You’re never too old to get a confident smile and improve your oral health. In fact, about 25% of our Kelowna orthodontic patients are adults. While today’s metal braces are more streamlined and attractive, if you don’t love the idea of them, we have other options too. Our clear braces are made from a translucent ceramic material and blend in with your teeth. Or, skip braces altogether and go with Invisalign for virtually invisible, convenient, comfortable treatment. Schedule a consultation at Straight Smiles online or by calling us at 250-762-2824 and we’ll help you choose a treatment that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Q: Do I still need to visit my regular dentist while wearing braces?

A: Yes. It’s actually more important than ever to see your general dentist since having braces can make brushing and flossing a bit more challenging. Plus, teeth move best in a healthy oral environment. At your regular checkups and cleanings, your dentist can ensure your oral health stays on track so when your braces come off, you have a dazzling smile to show for it.

Q: How many times a day should I brush my teeth when wearing braces?

A: You should brush your teeth in the morning, after meals and snacks, and before bed when you have braces. If you forget your toothbrush while you’re out, rinse your mouth out really well after eating and then brush as soon as you get home.

Q: What happens when you take my braces off?

A: Removing your braces also doesn’t hurt. Dr. Scramstad will use special tools to loosen and remove the brackets and wires. He’ll get rid of any leftover adhesive, polish your teeth and let you check out your sweet new smile in the mirror!

Q: How much do braces cost?

A: The cost of braces will depend on how extensive your treatment will be and the type of appliance you choose. We believe in complete transparency. At your consultation, we’ll outline your treatment plan and provide you with a written payment quote. We’ll work with you to find a payment plan that you’re comfortable with. We accept the following insurance including PBC (Pacific Blue Cross) , Great West Life , Manulife, Sunlife and Greenshield.

We work with other insurance companies in addition to the ones listed. Please contact us to learn more.

Q: Do braces hurt?

A: Braces don’t hurt and you should never feel serious pain. However, when you first get your braces put on and after adjustments, your teeth and gums can be slightly tender and sensitive to biting pressure. This will go away in a few days and can be easily managed by sticking with soft foods and cold drinks and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever like Tylenol.

Q: How often will I need to see Dr. Scramstad during braces treatment?

A: It will depend on your treatment plan, however, most patients have visits every four to six weeks. These regular appointments are short and sweet. We’ll make sure your treatment is progressing according to plan and make any necessary adjustments.

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