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Hit Fast Forward on Your Orthodontic Treatment

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In our effort to provide the most efficient, comfortable orthodontic treatment, we’re a Kelowna Propel® provider. After integrating Propel into our practice in 2016, the results were so amazing we now use it routinely in our practice. The family of devices from Propel® Orthodontics can be used with braces or Invisalign to safely decrease treatment time by up to 30 to 50%!

What is Propel?

Propel offers two different types of devices, the Propel Excellerator Series and the Propel VPro5. The Excellerator series involves chair-side devices, while the VPro5 is a take-home, portable accessory you bite on for just five minutes per day. The devices safely work with your body’s natural biological processes to encourage the teeth to shift into place more quickly. They have the added benefit of decreasing tooth sensitivity, making the teeth-straightening process more comfortable.

How Does Propel Work?

While the duration of orthodontic treatment is influenced by a number of factors, the most significant one is how quickly the bone tissue that supports the teeth remodels in order to accept the new position of your pearly whites. Propel stimulates an inflammatory response that speeds up the breakdown of bone tissue and the subsequent bone regeneration. By kicking bone remodeling into high gear, the device significantly accelerates tooth movement and reduces your treatment time.

Propel V Pro Plus

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