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iTero ® Digital Impression System

Leading the Way in 3D Digital Dentistry

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We have been using scanning technology since 2013! Let’s face it, no one likes conventional putty and tray impressions. You have to bite into a messy, goopy mold and hold still, trying not to gag, while it sets. The process is uncomfortable and the results aren’t always all that precise. Enter, the iTero® Digital Impression System. Using the digital, intraoral scanner, we can take comfortable, high-definition, digital scans of your teeth in seconds, improving your experience and results.


How Does the iTero Digital Impression System Work?

An Straight Smiles team member uses a compact, handheld wand to scan your mouth. Then, crisp, clear, high-definition images appear almost immediately on our screen. Dr. Scramstad gets a 3D rendering of your teeth and gums. He can use the model to map out your tooth movements and create custom appliances, including Invisalign® aligners and retainers.

Taking digital impressions with our iTero scanner is stress-free and simple. Plus, it makes appointments faster and treatment more efficient. If you want to experience the convenience and comfort of digital impressions with iTero, book a consultation at our Kelowna orthodontic office!


The handheld wand is lightweight and small. It snaps images of your teeth and gums while in motion.


The iTero software creates a 3D rendering of your mouth, which allows Dr. Scramstad to create truly custom, precise treatment plans for outstanding results.



With digital scans, you’re not exposed to radiation and there are no messy impression materials. Images are sent almost instantly to our screen.


We can show you what your new smile will look like before you even start treatment with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

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