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How Much Do Braces Cost Compared To Living Expenses?

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It’s time we sat down and discussed how much Orthodontic treatment is compared to other living expenses in British Columbia.

At our Kelowna office, one of the first thing patients ask us is “how much is this going to cost?”

While we don’t have an exact answer because every treatment is different, we do offer payment plans with 0% interest, so you can get treatment underway without a large down payment.

Comparing your monthly cost of Orthodontic treatment to other living expenses will give you an idea of how much Invisalign or braces really are. All costs are broken down into a monthly format.

Average monthly cost of Orthodontic Treatment at Align – From $250 / month

Whether it’s metal or clear braces or if it’s Invisalign, Straight Smiles offers monthly payment plans. These plans are customized for you based on your specific needs.

Average Rental in Kelowna – $2,000

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Kelowna is 2,000 per month.

Food Costs – $764

Food is one of the more expensive necessities British Columbia residents have. According to Statistics Canada, families spend $9,168 a year on food. Divide that by 12 months and the average food budget for a month is $764.

Average Mortgage Payment $1,242

The average house price in Kelowna has hit $700,000. A house with this price tag, a 5% down payment and a 5-year rate at 2.99%, you’re looking at a total monthly payment of $1,242.

Take-Out Coffee – $120

We know you’re busy running around for your family, which means you may tend to buy take out coffee. If you were to buy a coffee every day for 30 days, you’d be handing over a lot of money. A grande latte from Starbucks averages about $4. That’s $120 for 30 days of caffeine.

Gym Membership – $53

Fitness is important to Kelowna residents. On average in Kelowna, a gym membership is $630 a year. Dividing that by 12 months and it equals out to $53 a month.

Car Payment – $570

The average car payment for a new vehicle in Canada is $570 a month. This doesn’t include insurance, which can be upwards of an additional $200 a month.

University Course – $1,792

Whether you’re looking to go back to school or your kid is soon going, studying at the University of British Columbia is a big financial commitment. For one year with tuition, student fees, books and a shared room on campus for a Bachelor of Arts degree is $21,508. That equals to $1,792 a month.

Recreation – $393

In addition to the gym membership, let’s compare the overall cost of recreation. This includes the gym membership, movies, after work activities, swimming lessons, sports fees, etc. On average, Canadian families spend $4,717 a year on recreation. That’s $393 a month.

Consider This

The thing to keep at the forefront of your mind when considering the cost of braces or Invisalign is the overall results. You will have a healthy, aligned smile when you finish your treatment at Straight Smiles and isn’t that priceless?

When you look at that, $250 for Orthodontic treatment is only a small and worthwhile percentage of your monthly family expenses.

Straight Smiles makes sure to make affordable Orthodontic treatment plans for our clients. We know just how expensive it is to live today, so we want to be there for you with our flexible payment and interest-free monthly payment options.

Call Straight Smiles today to set up your free consultation and see how we can make Orthodontic treatment work for your family’s budget.

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