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8 Benefits of Invisalign ® for Adults

By May 26, 2021June 4th, 2024Blog, Orthodontics

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Invisalign Unique Benefits for Adults

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids and teens anymore. In fact, more than 25% of our patients at Straight Smiles are adults. While Dr. James Scramstad, a general dentist practicing orthodontics only, and our team offer a variety of different types of braces – and braces for adults are more esthetic and comfortable than ever before – we’re also an experienced Kelowna Invisalign provider. 

Invisalign treatment involves a series of clear, BPA-free plastic, removable aligners that are custom-made just for you based on Dr. Scramstad’s treatment plan. It’s a popular smile solution among the grown-ups. Whether you’re interested in Invisalign for overjet teeth correction, you want to fix an open bite without braces, or anything in between, there are some serious benefits of Invisalign for adults and we’re sharing. 

1. Treatment is Virtually Invisible 

While the types of braces we use today are smaller, more attractive and nothing like the bulky metal ones of the past, hey, we get it, you want to keep your orthodontic treatment under wraps. Young professionals, seasoned executives, actors, parents, and people from all walks of life choose Invisalign to achieve straight teeth and a healthy bite in the most esthetic way possible.

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, clear plastic that slips over the teeth like an incredibly comfortable mouthguard. The aligners are custom-made for the perfect fit. Unless someone really gets up close to your mouth, most people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing Invisalign aligners. No brackets, no wires, just results! You’ll be able to smile confidently all throughout your treatment.

2. Invisalign Aligners are Comfortable

Invisalign aligners are custom-molded and don’t have brackets and wires that can cause irritation or cut your lips. They rely on gentle, steady force to shift teeth into place with less discomfort. Though you may have mild tenderness when you first start Invisalign treatment or, sometimes, after putting in new aligners, for the most part, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. 

3. Invisalign is Convenient

Have a public speaking engagement? Getting wedding photos taken? Preparing for a big presentation at work? While you should wear your aligners for about 20 to 22 hours per day, you can take them out for special occasions, making treatment super convenient. One consideration to keep in mind when comparing Invisalign vs. braces is that braces are bonded to the teeth so you can’t take your braces off for memorable moments like you can with aligners.

Aside from that, the aligners being removable means there are no food restrictions and oral hygiene is a breeze. You’ll have to make minimal changes to your day-to-day life. Since there is no hardware that can break, you’ll never have to worry about repair appointments. Plus, the check-ups you do have will be quick and easy. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, Invisalign treatment will fit right in. 

4. Dr. Scramstad Can Effectively Treat a Range of Issues from Crowding to Overjet Teeth with Invisalign

When Invisalign first came onto the market, it was reserved for patients with mild orthodontic issues. That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to improvements in the aligner material, advances like Invisalign attachments and rubber bands, and innovative treatment planning, we can treat many cases with Invisalign, including those that are complex. 

For most adult orthodontic patients, we can use Invisalign for overjet teeth correction, as well for fixing crowding, spacing and an overbite (deep bite). It can also be effective for some types of crossbites and certain underbites. And, if you want to fix an open bite without braces, Invisalign is actually sometimes more effective than braces for bringing the upper and lower teeth together properly.  

If you’re worried that Invisalign won’t work well for adults, breathe a sigh of relief. As long as your gums and bone structure are healthy, we can shift the teeth into place at any age with Invisalign aligners. Even if you do have an oral health concern, Dr. Scramstad can work with your general dentist or any specialists to help you get to a place where treatment is possible. 

5. Invisalign is Ideal for Those With Common Oral Health Problems

Speaking of oral health concerns, if you have missing teeth, gum disease (as long as it’s under control), fillings or dental crowns, Invisalign can be ideal. Since the aligners are removable, you’ll be able to more easily maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent any issues from progressing. 

If you have a missing tooth, or teeth, sometimes, Invisalign treatment can be a good way to shift the remaining teeth into place to make room for a dental implant. Thanks to Dr. Scramstad’s experience, he’s also able to treat adult patients with restorations like dental crowns with Invisalign. 

For patients who grind their teeth or have had temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems in the past, again, Invisalign may be preferable to braces. The aligners can offer some protection against the effects of grinding and clenching and could even help with TMJ pain relief as they straighten your teeth.

6. You Can Continue to Eat and Drink Whatever You’d Like During Treatment – Though You May Find You Snack Less

While there are food restrictions with braces, you’ll take your aligners out before eating or drinking anything aside from plain water. That means you can eat whatever you’d like. This is a big benefit of Invisalign for adults who love to cook, dine out or enjoy a meal with friends and family. It’s also helpful for individuals with conditions like diabetes who need to stick to a specific diet, as they won’t have to eliminate any foods they rely on. 

That said, many adult orthodontics patients find they snack less. When you have to stop to take your aligners out, it gives you time to think about what you’re eating, which prevents mindless munching. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is a big perk. However, even if you’re not, frequent snacking can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay, so limiting your snacks will give your oral health a boost. 

7. The Aligners are Low Maintenance

While caring for your braces involves brushing around brackets and wires and using specialized flossers or floss threaders, Invisalign is low maintenance. There are Invisalign cleaning crystals and deep cleaning products you can purchase, but when it comes to how to clean Invisalign trays, you can actually just brush the aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse them in lukewarm water. By the time your aligners need a deeper clean, you’re on to your next set. 

8. Improving Your Smile With Invisalign Will Have a Positive Impact on All Areas of Your Life

Invisalign treatment will straighten your teeth and help you get a smile you love. Additionally, treatment can act almost like a non-surgical, mini facelift by broadening the smile and, in turn, giving a subtle lift to the skin around the mouth for a more youthful look. Yet, the benefits of Invisalign for adults are more than cosmetic. When you’re happy with your smile, your confidence will soar, which can enhance your relationships, home life and career. 

Invisalign for adults also:

  • Reduces your risk of tooth decay and gum disease since straight teeth are easier to clean. Gum disease is tied to a host of conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke, so avoiding it will help you maintain your overall health too. 
  • Allows for more efficient chewing, letting you to eat a wider array of foods for better nutrition
  • Eliminates undue pressure on the jaw joints by properly aligning the jaw, joints and surrounding structures, helping to combat jaw and TMJ pain 
  • Reduces uneven or excessive wear of the teeth
  • Aligns the bite to prevent bone loss and, in turn, tooth loss 
  • Helps you breathe properly and speak more clearly

The best part? When you finish Invisalign treatment, Dr. Scramstad will fit you for a custom, clear retainer, so your Invisalign results, and the benefits that come with them, can last a lifetime. While your specific retainer instructions will depend on your unique needs, most patients quickly transition to wearing their clear retainer only at night and, eventually, just a few nights a week. Following your retainer instructions carefully will be enough to prevent your teeth from shifting


How Much Does Invisalign Cost in BC, Canada for Adults?

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of Invisalign for adults, how much does Invisalign cost in BC, Canada? The Invisalign cost varies and will depend on a number of factors, the biggest one being the complexity of your case. 

At your initial consultation, after Dr. Scramstad has an opportunity to evaluate your teeth and bite, we’ll give you a written financial quote so there are no surprises. We accept assignment/insurance if your plan provides coverage, which can reduce your out-of-pocket Invisalign cost. We also offer flexible financing options, including in-office, interest-free financing plans with low down and monthly payments. We’ll do what we can to make Invisalign affordable for your budget. 

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Invisalign in Kelowna, BC

While many patients are excellent candidates for Invisalign treatment, the only way to know for certain is to visit our Kelowna Invisalign dentist Dr. Scramstad for a consultation. He’ll develop an accurate diagnosis and let you know which orthodontic treatment option will bring out the best in your smile. To find out more benefits of Invisalign for adults and if Invisalign is the right choice for you, schedule your consultation at Straight Smiles in Kelowna today! 

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