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Braces-Friendly Food in Kelowna, BC

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Local businesses, including restaurants, have been hard hit by the coronavirus shutdown over the last few months. An easy and delicious way to help, if it’s within your means, is to patronize area restaurants. Being that Dr. James Scramstad is a general dentist practicing orthodontics only, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite Kelowna restaurants with braces-friendly food options. This way, all of our patients can enjoy a meal while supporting local businesses.


boy wearing braces in a restaurant table

Braces and Food

Before we dive into the Kelowna restaurants, let’s have a quick refresher about braces and food. You can still eat most of the things you love while you have braces. However, when you first get your braces put on and following adjustments, your teeth can be a little sensitive. Sticking with soft foods and cold drinks will be super helpful. Some foods to eat with braces include mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt, pasta, soup, ripe bananas and milkshakes.

There are some foods to avoid with braces. Try to stay away from anything really hard, chewy or sticky, such as nuts, unpopped popcorn kernels, whole, raw apples and carrots, taffy, caramel, hard candy, Skittles, hard pizza crust and certain chips, because these types of foods can damage your appliance. Additionally, don’t bite directly into foods like corn on the cob or meat on the bone. Take corn off the cob and meat off the bone before eating it. Cut and break everything into bite-sized pieces and chew with your back teeth.

Our Favorite Kelowna Restaurants With Braces-Friendly Food

Ume Foods – 1470 Harvey Ave, Unit 8, Kelowna, BC

Photo Courtesy of Ume Food

Can you eat sushi with braces? Yes! In fact, sushi is a great food to eat with braces because it’s nutrient dense and soft. Ume serves up amazing sushi and rice bowls in Kelowna. The restaurant is open for takeout and you can order delivery via Doordash. Our favorite braces-friendly food options: Tofu donburi, smoked salmon roll and the Megalodon rice bowl.

RauDZ – 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC

RauDZ sunnys

Photo Courtesy of RauDZ

RauDZ is for sure one of the best restaurants in Kelowna, BC. The restaurant focuses on regional foods and uses local, organic ingredients to create tasty, playful dishes. The dining room is open, however, you can also order takeout. Our favorite braces-friendly food options: Wild mushroom and leek super fino risotto, spring pea soup and the ravioli.

Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Shop – 596 Leon Ave, Kelowna, BC

Little Hobo is one of our go-to Kelowna restaurants for soup, sandwiches and comfort food. Swing by and grab some take-out for breakfast or lunch. They also offer frozen meals that are ideal for dinner when you’re busy but want something nourishing. Our favorite braces-friendly food options: Hobo soup, cheesy broccoli and cauliflower soup and their shepherd’s pie.

Okanagan Street Food ­– 812 Crowley Ave, Kelowna, BC

Photo Courtesy of Okanagan Street Food

Okanagan Street Food started as a food truck before setting up shop in Kelowna. The restaurant serves simple but delicious food for breakfast and lunch and you can order takeout or delivery through Skip the Dishes. Our favorite braces-friendly options: Seared fish taco, veggie fries and the market breakfast wrap.

Bohemian Café – 524 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC

Bohemian Café is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Kelowna with homestyle, comforting breakfast and lunch dishes. Bohemian Café is open for dining and now has expanded street patio seating. They’re still offering takeout as well. Our favorite braces-friendly food options: Blueberry oatmeal pancakes, vegan huevos rancheros and the Thai rice bowl.

Central Kitchen + Bar – 1155 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC

Photo Courtesy of Central Kelowna

Central serves up elevated bar food and burgers. It’s the perfect place to get a comforting and truly delicious meal. They’re currently offering takeout and delivery. You can also order cocktail kits, wine and beer to go. Our favorite braces-friendly food options: Plant-based poutine, the “Royale With Steez” burger (just be sure to cut it up into bite-sized pieces to eat) and the Central poke bowl. 

These are just some of the amazing Kelowna restaurants with braces-friendly food options. If, in between ordering takeout, you’d like to learn more about perfecting your smile, schedule an in-person or virtual consultation at Straight Smiles today! 


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