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Botox Cosmetic

We Treat More Than Smiles

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Straight Smiles is your full-service orthodontic office. We don’t only treat your teeth — we treat your whole face and smile to make you feel as confident as can be. Cosmetic botox is proven to quickly and discreetly diminish frown lines and wrinkles, helping you feel and look like yourself for many years to come.

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Why Should I Get Botox?

There’s no way around it: we’re all going to get older. But that doesn’t mean you can’t age gracefully on your own terms. Botox can help slow down the aging process by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. For younger patients, Botox can even stop deep furrowing before it develops by hitting known wrinkle areas. If you’ve started to notice deep lines, if you want to get a headstart on impending wrinkles, or if you want to improve your face symmetry, Botox could be the solution you’re looking for.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a quick, easy, non-surgical treatment most commonly used to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and furrows, or as a therapeutic treatment for muscular conditions or migraines. Treatment involves the injection of a small amount of a prescription medicine made from the bacterial toxin botulin, which temporarily blocks nerve impulses to the treated area and prevents the muscle activity that causes wrinkles. Botox has been approved by the FDA and in Canada as a safe, effective cosmetic treatment.

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